Meet Koyuki, The Most Infuriated Furball To Ever Walk This Earth

This cat named Koyuki went viral today over at Cheezburger, and honestly are you really that surprised after looking at the pictures below. Koyuki has some sort of massively evolved, refined, and perfected resting bitch face, but with an added bit of ‘pissed the hell off’ for good measure in there. I think any bro would be well served to have a cat like Koyuki, because no matter how shitty your day was, you’d get home and Koyuki would be perched atop his evil cat toy tower rocking some mean-mugging, stone cold pokerface, looking more pissed off than you could ever get.

That moment when you snagged your local supermarket’s last bag of grumpy bones.

Or when you trynna’ use a Honey Bucket at a music festival, four days in, but it smells like moldy hobo’s dick cheese and unforgettably rancid dog shit.

All in all, we’ve gotta find a way to bring Koyuki together with Grumpy Cat for some sort of world touring talk-show/PR campaign domination.