Ratchet Grandma Says She Started Smoking Weed And Now Spends Five Hours A Day Jiggin It, Cums 70 Times




Not a lot to this story other than that a 42-year-old grandmother says smoking weed has given her the ability to cum absolutely non-stop and she now spends up to five hours a day just going ham on her bean again and again and agains and again and again.

Like I said, word.

Also, good for her.

In an interview with Fusion, Terri says she enthusiastically endorses marijuana after it jump started (like a plutonium reactor jump started) her sex life.

When I married my husband, in the beginning, he had to work very hard to give me orgasms, which he did, but as the years went on—with kids and life—it got to the point that I couldn’t come at all anymore.

Such a bummer. Until…

Then about two weeks ago I was given this different strain—Purple Tangie. My husband was out of town at the time, so I used it, and I started touching myself, and everything changed. I could feel everything all at once. I just began enjoying my entire body.

Not only that, I can have an orgasm without even touching myself—in my mind. I can also use this electronic wand I have, this little light, and I can take it all over my arm and my body and I can have an orgasm. I can orgasm in the bathroom, in my car. I would say about 70 times a day, if I wanted to. I promise you I am not exaggerating.

I can be in the bedroom for four or five hours,

Like I said: Word. Results probably not typically, but feel free to give it a try yourself.

[H/T Maxim]