Listen Bros, As Much As You Might Want To Click On A ‘Leaked’ Jessica Alba Sex Tape DO NOT DO IT

Look, I feel you, bros. If someone claimed to have a leaked Jessica Alba sex tape and all you had to do to see it today is click a link on Facebook, I admit that I would be pretty tempted as well.

One problem though. It’s a scam and it will WRECK your device or computer.

Reports The Daily Star

A recent scam has been discovered which tricks Facebook users into downloading malware onto their computers.

Once installed, the malicious software then forces web browsers to display aggressive advertising including sites with nudity and fake lotteries.

A researcher at Cyren recently discovered the scam and they are now warning that the malicious extension is being spread to Facebook groups.

According to Cyren the scam is most deadly when viewed using Google Chrome.

Once opened on this popular browser, a fake YouTube site is launched.

Clicking the video’s play button then brings up a pop-up window inviting the user to install a Google Chrome extension.

After installing that extension, the browser opens up a login page.

The extension is able to read the user’s friend list, Facebook groups, plus all personal information and upload the PDF to groups, posts, and to friends in private chat.

So yeah, if something like a Jessica Alba sex tape seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably, and in this case most definitely, is.

And if for some reason I’m too late in telling you this, here’s some advice on how to fix things. Oh, and sorry.

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