Did You Know It’s Perfectly Legal To Build An Army Of Killer Robots And Start An International War Right Now?

Terminator Salvation

Look, man. I’m not saying you should spend your days buried deep within the bowels of your own house, tinkering with CPUs and nanobots and high tensile metals in an elaborate plot to build death robots capable of taking over the Central African Republic just so you can fulfill your wish of being the African Murder Dictator With The Death Robots And The Gold Guns.

I’m just saying if you do, the governments of the world will be powerless to punish you for it, reports The Guardian.

Fully autonomous weapons, already denounced as “killer robots”, should be banned by international treaty before they can be developed, a new report urges the United Nations .

Under existing laws, computer programmers, manufacturers and military commanders would all escape liability for deaths caused by such machines, according to the study published on Thursday by Human Rights Watch and Harvard Law School.

That’s kinda crazy. Pretty cool, though? As America proved, if you are powerful enough, you can defy the Geneva Convention. But if you are autonomously robot enough, that shit doesn’t even apply to you. Like if you just shrugged and were like, “The robots have a mind of their own and voted me dictator after killing everyone in Asia,” no one can do anything.

All hail you, dear leader.

Rapid technical progress towards the next stage of automation, in which weapons may select their own targets, has alarmed scientists and human rights campaigners.

Nor is there likely to be any clear legal framework in future that would establish the responsibility of those involved in producing or operating advanced weapons systems, say the authors of Mind the Gap: The Lack of Accountability for Killer Robots.

It’s likely they may change the law soon, given the current pace of progress in building hunter killers (I bet the CIA already has one), so you may wanna get to your robot war mongering sooner rather than later. Wouldn’t wanna spend your best years in jail instead of on a gilded throne like the Lord of Robot War you truly are.