Legislation Just Took One Big Texas Step Towards Legalizing Marijuana In The Lone Star State

A proposed bill to strike marijuana offenses from the Texas state statute was approved by the Texas House of Representatives Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, effectively taking America’s second largest state a big, Texas-sized step towards legalizing the possession and consumption of weed by any so-wishing adult within state lines.

House Bill 2165 was proposed by state Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview), and was motioned forward following a 5-1 House Committee vote on Wednesday evening. Now, it will have to stand before a calendars committee before the decision is made to bring it to the Texas House floor, where its chance of being instituted resides.

In the event that does happen and Bill 2165 does pass – although the likelihood is uncertain – Rep. Simpson’s marijuana repeals would become effective September 2015. Much like alcohol, the bill seeks to regulate the possession and delivery of the substance, while obviously still keeping it prohibited and out of the hands of minors.

Simpson, oddly enough a Tea-Party Republican, published his thoughts on the importance of marijuana legalization throughout the state in a Texas Tribune op-ed over the weekend, stating:

As a Christian, I recognize the innate goodness of everything God made and humanity’s charge to be stewards of the same.

In fact, it’s for this reason that I’m especially cautious when it comes to laws banning plants. I don’t believe that when God made marijuana he made a mistake that government needs to fix.

So essentially he boils it down to, “God put marijuana on this earth to enjoy, and for that reason, we should be enjoying it.” Not sure about you guys, but I can ride with that notion.

The Representative also used his piece to throw heavy criticism at the current state of the ‘War On Drugs,’ and busted out Bible verses to back his assertions up. Booyah!

After what was surely a long day at the office, Simpson weighed in on the legislation’s progress on his Facebook page late Wednesday night.

I’m very grateful for the support from my colleagues to continue this important discussion. The version of HB 2165…

Posted by David Simpson on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

He sure is a straight shooter and his causes are just, I can say that much. You can read the rest of the insightful, introspective Texas Tribune op-ed on Bill 2165 here, if you wish. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as Rep. Simpson’s bill further navigates the political stream.

And as for now, well, it might not be a bad time to start looking into some agricultural properties in the Lone Star state. Just sayin’.

[via WFAA 8]