Lena Dunham Calls For The ‘Extinction Of White Males’

Want absurd hot takes? Lena Dunham’s gottem. The “Girls” actress shared a bizarre (even by Lena Dunham standards) this week where she called for the “extinction of white men.”

In the highly controversial video, Lena asks her father what he thinks about “the extinction of white men.” Her father responds by saying, “Well, white men are a problem. Straight white men are a big problem, that’s for sure.”

“But I actually feel pretty good about it,” Carroll Dunham said. “I think straight white guys have been screwing things up for long enough. High time for straight white males to step back and let some other people do it.”

“That’s my dad!” Lena exclaimed, as the father and daughter laughed.

You can’t condemn an entire group of people based on their race, gender or sexuality, sorry not even white straight guys. Not exactly tolerant and accepting viewpoints to take.

Between this video and the Odell Beckham Jr. episode, Lena really does prove herself as a fake, attention-seeking SJW who really knows absolutely nothing about equality and racism despite always preaching and telling others how they should feel about those sensitive topics.