Let the Great Sriracha Courtship of 2014 Begin!

It’s becoming more and more likely Huy Fong Foods (producer of delicious Sriracha Sauce) and the town of Irwindale, CA will not be able to reach an amicable decision over the noxious odors emanating from the hot sauce factory.

There have been lawsuits, injunctions and cease-and-desist orders. And just like when any relationship goes south, there are sleazy suitors waiting in the wings, ready to scoop up the fragile and scorned lover. How sleazy are Sriracha’s suitors? Two words: State. Politicians.

First up? Texas!

Huy Fong’s owner David Tran has reportedly been mulling over the idea of moving, and as such, has invited a few potential suitors to his factory to check things out. On such group is a bipartisan group of Texas lawmakers calling themselves the “sriracha delagation,” reports the Texas Tribune.

That gang arrived in Irwindale today and includes the state rep leading the charge, Rep. Jason Villalba, and a state Sen. Carlos Uresti of San Antonio, who represents the area where most of the chili peppers for the sauce will be grown.

Oh hell yes! Local leaders vying for that mythical job-creating boost they can use for reelection? That will bring all of them out of the woodwork. In fact, it already has.

Since the rumble with Irwindale, almost two-dozen cities have urged Tran to relocate to their part of the country.

This is the first official “fact-finding” mission we know of. I bet it gets ugly. Sriracha is big business. Expect bribes, murders and extortion. Expect Chicago to win the contract, even though they don’t have the correct climate for pepper growth.

Tran, for his part, is saying he’d like to stay in Irwindale.

He has lived in California for more than 30 years, and he says he’s not planning to move.

That’s before the money starts to talk.

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