Let’s Talk About These ‘Hood Pranks’ Going Around the Internet

If you are unfamiliar, the internet has seen a sudden rise in “Hood Prank” videos surfacing throughout the web. What are Hood Pranks, you ask? They are exactly what they sound like: a group of people (usually two white or fairer skinned individuals) go into predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods and do excessively dumb shit so they can film the impending reaction. Yup, that’s it.

You had a good run, whoopee cushion, but exploiting minorities for Youtube views is the new belle of the ball.

“You Got a Problem” Prank

This reeks of “we were sitting in my parents’ basement eating Tostinos pizza rolls and thought this would be HILARIOUS.” Turns out, getting yoked up against a metal gate and getting punched directly in your jaw by DJ Khaled in a Dennis Eckersley jersey isn’t necessarily fun. The most offensive part of this, in my opinion, is that they just called it “the hood” like it was a generic minority laden location. The least you can do is give the place an identity before you shit all over it.

But, you know, life comes at you fast:

“Check the Time on Cell Phone” Prank

First things first, that suplex was spectacular. Perfect form and everything. But yeah, this video was particularly interesting. No matter where you go in the country, you are going to catch a hot ass-whooping for any smartphone-related transgression. If they tried this in suburbia, I’m willing to bet that a group of 15-year-old white girls would have stomped this dude out just the same in the defense of their Instagram accounts. Replace the location and the individuals and this would have been the exact same video.

“Five-O in the Hood” Prank

Well, that was just flat out racist. No other way to really make sense of this one. Where the other videos masked the blatancy with violent beatings, this one had none of that. But hey, when there’s YouTube money to be made, why not exploit black people’s fear of the police.

“But there was a white presumed drug dealer at the end, this video can’t be racist!” – Some horrible person, somewhere in the depths of the Youtube comments

“The N-Word” Prank

Had to save the n-word prank for last because it was the obvious next step in the “hood prank” progression. Having someone video tape you as you float around calling another person a vicious racial slur for the sake of clicks is where we are in society. But don’t worry, Roman Atwood (creator of the video) said that all the black people were great sports about kind of being called the worst word you can call a black person, so I guess everything is fine.

Yikes. Well, I guess we all have to wait with bated breath for the “This Guy Got Killed in the Hood Trying to Do Pranks” prank because that’s the next logical step. You exploited all of the other awful minority, “ghetto,” and “hood” stereotypes, might as well try to find out if they all carry unlicensed firearms and knives on their person.

If ignorant Youtube videos incite nationwide race-riots, I’m going to be SO pissed. Like, really steamed, you guys.