Lightning Strikes Look Cool When Seen From Space

We here at BroBible are huge proponents of how cool space is. Space, man. It’s fucking space.

Being in space has to be pretty cool, too. Floating around the planet, fast as fuck. But being so high up, a lot of cool shit on the Earth probably looks pretty lame.

Dope mansions, dolphins, a really good Italian sub with capicola and soppressata and prosciutto and provolone and red onions and shredded lettuce and hot peppers and real good olive oil, that doesn’t look like anything from space. Just a speck. Not even. So that must suck.

But some things look dope. Like lightning strikes. NASA Astronaut Terry Virts took this Vine of dozens of lightning strikes occurring during a thunderstorm in central Africa while he was chilling on the International Space Station.

And like I said, it is cool.

Don’t front with lightning.