Do You Like Wrestling? Do You Like Video Games? Do This….

Hey. What’s up. Brandon here. It’s a big weekend for kick-ass events, so want to bring your attention to some of BroBible’s coverage of said big events. Here’s what’s going down:

If you like wrestling, the man with the most mysterious last name on the planet, Chris Illuminati, is at Wrestlemania 31 at Levi’s Stadium. He’s going to be doing all sorts of fun things this weekend for the Super Bowl of Wrestling, so be sure to follow him on Twitter. He’ll also be tweeting from the BroBible Sports account, so follow it….

And if you like video games, I’m at the Call of Duty Championship in Los Angeles watching professional gamers FPS their hearts out for a MASSIVE $1 million purse. You can watch them compete live at I’ll be tweeting updates throughout the weekend. I might do a Meerkat or Periscope or whatever the hell those livestream things are that are so popular these days. So follow me too…

We’ll both be posting on the BroBible Instagram this weekend, so be sure to follow that as well. There will also be periodic updates from a few BroBible contributors who are at Ultra this weekend as well.

PSA over. Now have a damn good weekend, Bros.

Brandon Wenerd is BroBible's publisher, writing on this site since 2009. He writes about sports, music, men's fashion, outdoor gear, traveling, skiing, and epic adventures. Based in Los Angeles, he also enjoys interviewing athletes and entertainers. Proud Penn State alum, former New Yorker. Email: