Girl Live-Tweets A Stranger’s Disastrous Date With An Insufferable Douchebag

If I were a betting man, I’d bet this man wanders around Toronto in a fedora, skinny jeans, and leather jacket and complains about people who don’t have vinyl collections as impressive as his. He sounds like such a twat, especially that line about looking like James Franco. That deserves the eyeroll of the century.

Last summer Anne Theriault live-tweeted one of the most cringe-worthy dates we’ve ever heard of. The guy claims he’s a writer (eyerolleven professional writers don’t say that on first dates and rambles on incessantly about nothing in particular.

Maybe if his screenwriting career doesn’t pan out, he can stuff his damn puttanesca sauce in jars and start selling it at Whole Foods.

The date’s speedy exit was a smart move.





Dudes, learn to have some damn chill when taking to women on dates. And please, please don’t be like this idiot.

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