Lolo Jones Asked Instagram Why She Can’t Keep A Boyfriend And The Responses Are Priceless

Why can’t Lolo Jones keep a boyfriend tied down? I obviously don’t know because I’m not Lolo, but apparently Lolo doesn’t know either. It’s a motherfucking mystery to both of us, although my first guess would be along the lines of “Because you’re one of those people who clog social media with stupid rhetorical questions.” It’s like those people you’re friends with on Facebook who blast their emotions all over the place and then can’t figure out why people block them – duh, you’re annoying.

But Lolo? Eh, more misguided than annoying.


I asked God why didn’t it work out with the guy I liked? He was a Christian, funny, attractive…and the Lord whispered to me “but he wasn’t a gentleman.”

….thennnn why were you dating him in the first place, Lolo? Why are you putting your current state of desperation on Instagram, Lolo? And why in the ever-loving fuck would you give trolls a chance to blow your comment section up, Lolo?

As for why Lolo is single, survey says….:

I think we have our answer.