Girl Loses Her Phone During St. Patrick’s Day In NOLA, Bro Makes Awesome Videos Before Returning

A couple weeks ago I left my phone in a cab. It was one of the most harrowing  two hours of my life (first world problems). I was paralyzed from a communication standpoint,  watching my phone zig-zag all around a map of Manhattan  on Find My Phone before the cab driver finally picked it up. Because New York is New York, I showed him my eternal gratitude with $20.

Anyway, there were no hidden gems on my device after getting it back. BIT THIS is how you have some fun with a lost phone.  As Jenny Roberts Dodge tells it on YouTube, “I lost my phone after the St. Patty’s parade and thought it was gone forever. However, we used the find my friends app to track it down and the guy who found it decided to document his adventure before leaving it at a local bar! I don’t know who he is but thank you so much stranger!”

The friendly Bro proceeds to narrate a walking tour of New Orleans before Jenny finally finds her phone.  The result is these awesome videos. What a Bro.

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