‘Look At Me Son, I’m Talking To You’: Louisiana Sheriff Delivers Badass PSA For Local Burglar At-Large

Yeah, if I’m the kid who was responsible for looting the beloved Stelly’s supermarket on Highway 71 in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, I’m totally turning myself in ASAP and begging for mercy AND the $1000 cash reward to go towards my legal fee.

You’ve fucked up if you have Lieutenant Higgins on your case, I know that much. Scared straight-like stuff.

The Louisiana sheriff (maybe deputy, I’m not sure) even took the time to film from two different locations in the parking lot, because he cares about production value! Plus the police cruiser sitting up on the all black rims as a backdrop? Intimidating as shit and I love it!

There’s no way you don’t get caught after a stone cold PSA like this. Just no way. Someone in St. Landry Parish is about to be fucked to the fullest extent of the law.

Hope you like jail, bro!

[h/t TFM]