Another Reason Falling In Love Is Stupid? It May Make You Want To Drink Less

Love is so stupid. All those stupid people in love doing their stupid love things like live happy lives and be happy with people who love them and get to be in love with people and be loved.

Fuck. That.

Sure, it sounds good and all, but all that love may be inhibiting your ability to get drunk. And getting drunk is what you want to do. It’s what you need to do. It’s what you want to do. But the chemical secretions your brain … uhhh … secretes when it is in love may actually keep you from feeling the effects of alcohol, which, is only the number one most important reason you drink alcohol. To be effected by it. To get drunk. To throw trash cans at the walls of your garage in fits of rage. To do some shots.

Not when you are in love. Apparently oxytocin can keep you from getting tipsy. From The Los Angeles Times:

To explore the interaction between oxytocin and alcohol, researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia first gave young adult male rats an infusion of oxytocin and then administered a dose of alcohol roughly equivalent to a human drinking a bottle of wine over a few hours. On a battery of tests, a comparison group of rats that got no oxytocin was clearly drunk: their movements slowed, their muscle tone failed them, and when deposited on their backs, they had difficulty in performing the usually simple act of righting themselves.

But the rats that got the oxytocin first showed virtually no signs of intoxication.

Or they just found the Archer of rats.

The reason it’s being tested is to hopefully find a cure for alcoholics. You see, if drinking doesn’t feel any different than not drinking, people will (probably) stop.

WHICH IS MIND CONTROL AND BULLSHIT. Don’t try and science me out of my alcohol dependency. Let me keep it until it destroys my life. Also, not drinking and being happy? Seems mutually exclusive to me.

Before you say, Davis, this is just rats and clearly humans are different let me say shut the fuck up.

The newest research comes against the backdrop of some other recent findings on oxytocin and alcohol, suggesting that the love drug also reduces alcohol consumption, cravings and withdrawal symptoms–not only in rats, but in alcohol-dependent humans as well.

Being in love makes you drink less and want to drink less?

Love sounds like the fucking worst.