The First Ever Brain Scans Of People On Acid Have Been Published And They Look Trippy As Hell



Last year, it was announced the Berkley Foundation, a British research organization that studies psychoactive drugs, would crowdfund the first ever brain scans of people on LSD.

Well, guess what?

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Monday.

And guess what, again?

Your brain looks trippy as fuck on LSD.

Check out how colorful and shit that shit looks.


Man, that’s some colorful shit.

From Reuters:

This study, funded by Beckley and by public donations through a crowdfunding platform, involved 20 healthy volunteers, each of whom received both LSD and a placebo, and all of whom were deemed psychologically and physically healthy. All the volunteers had previously taken some type of psychedelic drug.

During controlled and supervised experiments in a specialist research centre, each volunteer was given an injection of either 75 micrograms of LSD, or a placebo. Their brains were then scanned using various techniques, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and magnetoencephalography (MEG).

That produced the gorgeous images you see above. Who wouldn’t want that going on in their brain?

The coolest part of the research showed how LSD helped the brain’s different functions to work in concert, as opposed to separately.

A research team led by scientists at Imperial College London said that while normally the brain works on independent networks performing separate functions such as vision, movement and hearing, under LSD the separateness of these networks breaks down, leading to a more unified system.

Which would explain all your auditory hallucinations and visuals and shit.

Cool, indeed.

Read more about the research here.