This Old Man Is Addicted To Drinking People’s Pee To He Can Stay Young, So Obviously That’s Not Working Well For Him

Reality television isn’t my thing since I couldn’t care less about the Kardashians or a bunch of muppet-lookalike women living out in Beverly Hills, but when it comes to trashy stories about people with mental disorders I. AM. THERE.

Hoarders? My Strange Addiction? Throw me a marathon and I’ll be set for a weekend. The only downside to these shows is that some episodes are just so exponentially better than others that sometimes you’re disappointed with how “meh” these people’s issues are. One episode of Hoarders had a woman who hoarded animals and something like 25% of them were dead and rotting in her house. That’s AWESOME! Dead cats EVERYWHERE! But then the next episode was just another shitty looking cluttered house full of yard sale leftovers. Bleh, boring.

But today we can finally say that we’ve peaked in terms of watching mentally ill people do unfortunate shit for our amusement, because there’s finally an upcoming episode on My Strange Addiction about this old guy who drinks the pee from young people so he too can stay young.

Clearly, it’s not working very well. Might wanna re-think your strategy here dude.

[H/T In Touch Weekly]