Man Confesses To Sexual Assault During Interview To Become A Police Officer, Now Faces Charges

The guilt of sexually assaulting a woman was too much for one man and he revealed his crimes to police while he was being interviewed for a job to be a cop.

On February 8, Tyler Ray Price told Sergeant A.R. Gordon of the South Charleston Police Department in West Virginia that he had sex with a woman after a night of drinking. During his pre-employment interview to be a police officer the 21-year-old man admitted that he had recorded the woman after sex when she was naked and unconscious. He even told authorities that he still had video of the woman on his phone. His admission led to his arrest.

Most police departments administer a polygraph test during pre-employment screening for a career in law enforcement. So the pressure, to tell the truth, may have gotten to him and prodded him into a confession.

On February 23, police spoke to the woman who was said to be the victim. She said she did have sex with Price, but did not give consent. She also told South Charleston Police that she was unaware that she was recorded on video. The victim said Price called her on the day of his job interview and informed her that he confessed to the crime.

Price was charged with second-degree sexual assault and faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted. He is being held on $25,500 bond at the South Central Regional Jail in Charleston, West Virginia.