Watch: Man Viciously Attacks McDonald’s Employees After They Mess Up His Order

When it’s 3AM and you’ve been at the bar all night, nothing tastes better than a couple of burgers off the Dollar Menu. At that time of night, do you really care what they even put in your bag? Doubtful. Anyone eating at McDonalds between the hours of 2AM – 7AM really shouldn’t care if there are pickles on that pathetic excuse of a cheeseburger.

Not the case for this guy. Of all the things to lose your mind over, this guy with some serious temper issues picked $1 cheeseburgers to light his fuse. It causes one of the most insane shitshows you’ll ever witness at a McDonald’s counter. The manager tries to fight back by throwing what sounds like glass jars, but hell hath no fury like a hungry man with a “wet floor” sign as a weapon.

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