Man Was Caught By Police Smoking Weed And Having Sex With A Horse While Wearing A Face Mask


There are studies that say that marijuana lowers your sex drive, but apparently marijuana does not slow down your libido for having sex with horses though.

We take you to Wausau, Wisconsin where Jared Kreft, 30, was found at a barn fucking a horse. Unfortunately for Kreft he was in Wisconsin, not one of the 13 states that it is legal to fuck an animal. Marathon County sheriff’s deputies found Kreft was wearing a face mask, black jacket and blue wind pants with holes cut in the groin and buttocks areas, according to court documents. Hey Jared, did you ever think that the horse saw Halloween, and he is completely frightened of Jason Voorhees? Stop being so selfish and think about your partner’s feelings.

Kreft told deputies that he went to the barn and sucked off the horse and gave it a hand job. I wish my girlfriend was half as giving as Jared. To get in the mood Kreft viewed horse porn before the sexy session, which is kind of disrespectful to the horse. You have this majestic stallion right there in front of you and you need a freaky flick to get your dick hard. Again, think about your partner’s feelings Jared.

Deputies also found a pipe often used for smoking marijuana and a jar of petroleum jelly. Well if you ask me, the Vaseline clearly suggests that he was planning to put a large body part into a much smaller orifice of the body and needed lubricant to squeeze it in there. Ouchies!

Deputies also searched his apartment in Wausau where they found a small amount of marijuana.

Kreft was charged in Marathon County with sexual gratification with an animal sex organ, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana as a repeat offender and bail jumping, according to court records. Kreft was held on $2,000 cash bond and ordered to have no contact with the residence where the crime occurred. Alas, the love affair appears to be over.

A preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday.

Kreft could have taken a trip to Nevada where they have decriminalized personal use marijuana and bestiality is legal. Next time do a little research Jared.

H/T: Adam