After Finding His Best Friend Dead This Bro Legally Changed His Name To ‘McLovin’ For The Best Reason Ever



Gary Fisher legally changed his name to ‘Mc Lovin’, a nod to the Superbad character played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, after finding one of his best friends dead on the side of a railroad track back in 2005. He didn’t go the purist route and change his name to just ‘McLovin’, instead, Gary broke it out into a first and last name, Mc Lovin, and his reasoning for changing his name is something that’s kind of made my day.

Man Changes His Name To Mc Lovin



A man who changed his name to ‘Mc Lovin’ says he did it to make people laugh, but it was sparked by a serious event in his life.
Mc Lovin, 34, said he made the decision after a suffering a bout of depression following the sudden death of a friend.
His new name was a daily reminder not to take life too seriously, Lovin said.
“There was a group of four of us together who were inseparable. Then he started to disappear, hang out with different people. Then one day they found him dead, with no shoes, no wallet, no phone.
“The police said it was not suspicious, saying he must have fallen and hit his head, but it just didn’t make sense to me,” Lovin said.
Lovin, then known as Gary Fisher, struggled with Crowe’s death for two years, he said.

I’ve been all sorts of stressed out lately and when I stumbled across Mc Lovin’s story it reminded me of something my older brother used to always say me back when he was still around, don’t sweat the small stuff. After moving to London this man knew he needed to make a change in his life, that he couldn’t let life weigh him down because life is for living and not dwelling over everything in the past.

His mom thought the name change was ‘hilarious’, and Mc Lovin said he received all sorts of free beers while backpacking Europe from people calling him McMuffin. The entire story of Mc Lovin is quite fascinating, and I suggest clicking over to if you’re looking for a pick-me-up!

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