An Army Bro Woke Up From A 47-Day Coma And Immediately Demanded Some Taco Bell

Back in February, 35-year-old Army vet Jake Booth came down with bronchitis, which turned into a terrible case of pneumonia. It got so bad, he suffered a heart attack, had to be airlifted to a hospital, and he lapsed into a coma.

The coma lasted a full 47 days. When Booth woke up, his mind was on one thing. Not what happened, not where he’d been, not if he’d be alright.

All the dude wanted was some Taco Bell.

“I want Taco Bell,” Jake said.

“He actually said, out loud, ‘I want Taco Bell,’” Booth’s older brother Jason Schwartz told This Week in Taco Bell by phone. “That was the very first thing he said… When he starts getting into a full sentence, he can’t do it. But when he does one or two words at a time, you can definitely understand him. So when he asked for Taco Bell almost immediately, his fried Tyler definitely heard him say ‘Taco Bell.’ Tyler said, ‘Do you want Taco Bell?’ And Jake said, ‘Yes.’”

Buzzkill doctors wouldn’t let him eat solid food for another 20 days, but when he was finally cleared, he got eight crunchy tacos delivered to his hospital bed.

Now that is a bro move.

His story went all over the web, and Taco Bell sent him some sweet Fourth Meal swag (although this was technically first meal).

Ain’t that great? If you like, you can donate to his GoFundMe to help defray some of his medical bills.

[Via FTW, H/T GrubStreet]