This Dude Drank Enough Shots In One Night To Kill A Blue Whale, Somehow Didn’t Die

I suppose if you’re going to drink a herculean amount of shots in one night then you might as well go with a spirit like Sambuca that only has an 84 proof (42% ABV). That’s the exact spirit that one man chose to drink while on vacation in the Spanish resort town of Magaluf on the island of Majorca. I’ve drank 21 shots before, I did the whole ’21 shots for your 21st birthday’ thing, and drank on top of those shots (I only threw up once that night so I totally handled it like a champ). 21 shots is nothing, NOTHING AT ALL, compared to what this dude drank in Majorca.

via the Daily Star:

The man in his late 20s took on the reckless dare in the Spanish resort of Magaluf.
After drinking five pints of beer in one venue, the unknown, solo reveller moved to Lush bar and ordered the cheap liquor – thought to be 42% proof Sambuca.
Egged on by crowds, he knocked back the 75 shots.
An onlooker told the Daily Star: “The lad was being cocky. He drank them all, one after the other.
“Within minutes of going outside he collapsed on the street.
“He was out cold for about 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived.”
Locals told the Daily Star the man is on holiday with a group but was drinking alone at the time.
He was believed to be in a “serious” condition last night.

75 shots and he didn’t die?!?! I’m guessing that the ambulance started pumping his stomach full of charcoal the instant they arrived, but still, how does a man not die after ripping 75 shots?! Also, how did that dude not throw up just from the taste alone? I’m fairly certain I’d become nauseous if I tried to take 75 shots of water, I can’t imagine trying to rip back 75 shots of something like Sambuca. And don’t get me wrong, I actually love Sambuca, it’s one of the only licorice flavors that I actually enjoy, but I most certainly wouldn’t be able to take more than 10 shots of it in one night without having to swear it off forever.

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(h/t Metro via DailyStar)

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