One Man Takes On And Pulverizes 6 Dudes In Drunken Donnybrook

You should always fight mano-a-mano. The only possible exception is if your friend is getting his ass whooped and you need to intervene so that he doesn’t get punched into a coma. But that’s only if your bro is in danger, otherwise let them fight without interference. However, I can’t imagine a situation where you would need three or four of your friends to brawl with one measly fighter. Seems kind of like cheating. These dudes needed their entire squad to battle one adversary. All six friends fought one guy. And they all got dominated.

After a night of heavy drinking in Amsterdam, this crew got into a scrap with the big guy in the white shirt. Big mistake. Big fucking mistake. The robust fella destroyed all six of them! You can hear the thud of this bruiser’s punches.

Why aren’t these Dutch dudes all attacking him at once? This is like some kind of shitty Steven Seagal movie where the bad guys line up single file to all get their asses handed to them one by one. If you’re all going to attack this one guy do it all at one time and really crush this dude.

You know that all of these friends made a blood pact (Supplied from their many cuts and bruises from the brawl) to never speak of this night ever again until their dying day.

The moral of the story is don’t gang up on one fighter, but if you have to make sure you fucking win by all attacking him at the same time.