Oh Hell, No. Man Find Mouse At Bottom Of McDonald’s Coffee Cup

I’m not even going to start this post with a hypothetical “what’s the worst thing you could find in the bottom of your coffee cup?” or an imagination exercise like “say you are walking down the street, enjoying your coffee, when you get to the bottom and it feels heavier than normal when…”

Because I don’t need to try and expand on the gravitas that is the heinous experience of almost being done with your McDonald’s coffee and finding a fucking mouse in it.

Ron Morais of Canada was removing the lid of his drink to get the last few sips of coffee, a practice we are all familiar with, when he saw this.

Yea. That’s a fucking dead mouse. Did he also see undissolved mouse shit in there?

Well, he told the CBC there were “a few little, shall we say, presents” in there.

I would be sprinting, sprinting to the doctor’s for rabies and Ebola and black plague tests. But Morais seemed pretty chill about it.

“I mean, hey, you know. I’m here. And I’m in better shape than the mouse.”

A spokesman for McDonald’s had this to say:

“We take allegations involving cleanliness and sanitation very seriously. Upon learning of this situation, the local franchisee immediately began an investigation, including working closely with the local public health authority who conducted an inspection this [Tuesday] morning following receiving a complaint.”

The health inspector and an independent pest control company could find no signs of infestation at the specific location.

So, just like a freak mouse in your coffee cup? Word. Cool. NEVER going to back to any McDonald’s ever again. What about you?

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