Man Who Spent 44 Years In Prison Goes To Times Square And Talks About How Crazy The Future Looks

Otis Johnson is basically a time traveler. He went into prison at the age of 25 and was released at the age of 69, and in that time the United States underwent the largest technological boom the world has ever seen. Otis’ experience of getting out and seeing a completely different world has just mindfucked me…He’s basically never even seen an a digital ad. To him windows are just windows, glass couldn’t be a screen for ads. Ear buds were only worn by the Secret Service and CIA agents so for a brief time he assumed everyone was working for the government now. This will blow your hair back:

I’m truly mind fucked right now. I can’t imagine being locked in a time capsule for 44 years and getting out to see that the entire world has a chord attached to it. When this guy went in cellphones didn’t exist and when he got out there are 4-year-olds walking around with iPads. Also, I love that the thing which blew him away the most was the combo peanut butter and jelly in one jar. That was the biggest technological advancement, in his mind.

If this is the kind of original video Al Jazeera English is putting out on their YouTube channel I have to say I’m stoked to see what comes next.