Man Hates Being Human So Much He’s Now Living Life As A Goat

There’s been more than a handful of times in this life I’ve wanted to just take a jump off the planet and go away. I’m not saying kill myself, I could never destroy something I loved, I mean just up and packing it in and living in some far corner of the world where I didn’t have to deal with all you asshole people.

Thomas Thwaites and I are kindred spirits. He’s sick of this life too. Except is sick of actually being human. So done with it all he’s currently spending time living like a goat.

Thomas Thwaites really loves goats. He loves them so much that he has given up his human life to live with them.

Thwaites was able to convince a goat farmer to allow him to spend three days as part of a goat herd in the Swiss Alps. He says that he spent his time investigating their behaviour. Not only did he live among them, he also donned prosthetic limbs with hooves that allowed him to move around on all fours just like a goat.

He says that his time among the goats was done to give him “a break from being.”

“My goal was to take a holiday from the pain and worry of being a self-conscious being, able to regret the past and worry about the future,” Thwaites said.

Now that’s insane. I want to get away from people, not stop being an actual person. Thomas took this new way of life so seriously he even TRAINED to be a goat.

To prepare for his time among the goats, he did a lot of studying. Thwaites also went to a behavioural psychologist and neurologist to study turning off parts of his brain so that he could think more like a goat. He also worked with several zoology experts who helped him mimic the goat’s movements.

Check out some photos from Goat Man’s life with the other kids. See what I did there?

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