Please Ignore This Man Casually Walking Down The Street With His Clothes On Fire

Just the typical day in Brooklyn — hipsters hipstering, people peopling, bros walking down the avenue on fire. No, not like “having a good day” but actually engulfed in flames.

“An unidentified man was critically injured yesterday afternoon after a flash fire in a Midwood, Brooklyn basement set his clothes ablaze. An FDNY spokesman says first responders rushed to the scene, at 910 McDonald Avenue, shortly after 1:30 yesterday and transported the man in critical condition to Maimonides Medical Center. Security camera footage of the incident shows the burning man wandering along the sidewalk in a daze.”

Sources told the Daily News the guy was “drying tobacco leaves for his upcoming ‘hookah binge'” and “a neighbor says he may have been using acetone when fumes from the chemicals ignited the pilot light in the basement’s water heater.”

Totally not worth if just to hookah. Meth involved or first degree burns are just pointless.

H/T Gothamist

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