Canada’s Different: Man With Pipe Bomb Allowed to Fly on Plane

Uhhh, Canada? 


I imagine its because of how unflailingly polite they are. “Uh eh, we don't want you to be late, but that bomb, I'm sowry, it's gotta go.” From CBCNews:

Skylar Vincent Murphy was caught with the pipe bomb on Sept. 20. Security took the explosive away, but Murphy was given the go-ahead to continue on his flight.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) alerted RCMP to the case four days later. Murphy was arrested by Leduc RCMP on Sept. 27

The issue stems from the fact that Canadian airport security officials, while they can confiscate items, cannot detain people. 

Screening officers do not have the authority to apprehend or detain passengers. When they see something potentially illegal, the(y) contact the police [said CATSA spokesman Mathieu Larocque].

So, uh, terrorists, please don't try and start your plots in Canada. Please?

[Security image via Shutterstock]