WTF: Man Straps A Vest Of Fireworks To His Body And Blows Himself Up

A late, great entry for the 2016 Darwin Awards was made by this dude. This straps a vest containing fireworks to his body and then sets them off. I have no idea why someone would do this to their body.

The only possible explanation for this reckless behavior is that this gentleman was drinking with Jason Pierre-Paul and the subject of fireworks came up. So the heavyset fella said to the NFL player, “Hold my beer, watch this.”

I’m not sure what kind of fireworks he strapped to himself, but some theorize he used cherry pie bombs or Coca-Cola bottle rockets.

The fella wasn’t so bright, except when he was bursting into flames. He suffered numerous burns to his body, which will provide a daily reminder on how incredibly stupid blowing up fireworks on your body can be.

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I’m sure you all have a brain in your skull that wouldn’t put yourself in danger, but if not, I’d recommend that you don’t try this at home.