Man Hilariously Text Narrates The Time SWAT Team Snipers Burst In His House On Sunday Funday

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Imgur’s GeneralZodsChicken deserves a standing ovation for his incredible commentary about a very tense situation he experienced this past Sunday Funday. A potential hostage situation went down at his neighbors, resulting in police SWAT Team members bursting into his house to set up position. He was holed up at the time and ready for a Sunday Funday, so he fired off a series of hilarious texts to his wife about situation.

The result is the best damn thing you’ll ready today, promise. Definitely check out his additional commentary from Imgur while you’re at it.


#1 I get the feeling something is up

Ok, story time. My eldest is outside with his friend when he pops his head inside to let me know there are 3 cop cars at the end of our street. I think no big deal. Pulled over a speeder, quiet day, they’re bored so congregate for something to do. Then I get updated there are 5 cars and dogs. That’s not a speeding ticket response. I go out and now there are 7 vehicles, cops in riot gear, dogs (Belgian Malinois, of course), assault rifles visible, and the nearest officer tells us all to get inside. No problem there. I text the wife who has the other 2 kids with her, and tell her to stay clear for a while. Then I hear voices near our front door, and get the next few pictures out our windows.


#2 Covering the scene

This guy set up in the cherry tree next to my front door.



#3 More support across the street

This was out my front window


#4 Still more support

This was out of my side window. Same cherry tree, but the officer from #2 has back up now. I am of course texting with my neighbor about the whole thing when I get a knock on the back door to the patio….

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