Amazing Man Gets Two DUIs at One McDonald’s IN A SINGLE NIGHT

A man from Oneonta, New York (where the DUI laws are apparently MUCH laxer) managed to get arrested twice for drunk driving in one night, both times at the same McDonald’s.

Wow. From 1o News:

Troopers say Zachary Boynton of Oneonta drove his car into the back of a vehicle ahead of him in the McDonald’s drive-thru around 1 a.m. Sunday. Boynton was charged with DWI after troopers say his blood-alcohol content was .25 percent, more than three times the legal limit of .08 percent. Police say he was released to a sober third party, who took him home.

See, I always thought you were required to stay in jail until you sobered up. But in Bumfuck, New York, they ain’t care. They also apparently ain’t care about feeding inmates, because when Boynton was released, he went back to McDonald’s. This time, instead of another car, he crashed into the building.

 He was arrested again and charged with a second DWI.

Now, I don’t like people who quote Anchorman all the time. I especially despise people who overuse the “I’m not even mad” meme. It’s a great GIF and it has been watered down by everyone posting it for everything.

But really, it is the only appropriate response here.

[H/T Gawker]