People Are Doing Something Called The ‘Mannequin Challenge’

I have taken an unhealthy liking this new, Internet-fueled craze known as the Mannequin Challenge. The premise of it is simple: a bunch of people strike a pose, stay incredibly still and pretend to be mannequins while someone films the stupidity of it all. I FUCKING LOVE IT. No sarcasm.

Everyone is getting involved in the action too. Hell, the Pittsburg Steelers even got James Harrison to participate. And we all know what crabby son of a bitch that guy can be. That video is below along with a few more.

And lastly, I’ll be goddamned if I write Mannequin-related post with including this banger…

Whew. What a tune, huh? So carnal. If I listened to that while I was having sex I’d never stop having sex.

[H/T Deadspin]