This Man Writes Restaurant Reviews on Yelp, Includes a Photo of His Wife’s Boobs with Each One

A California man who goes by the name Charley C. on Yelp is taking a page out of the Jess Greenberg Guide to Winning the Internet. That guide happens to be one page long and includes only these words, “Tits. Show some tits. Here a tit. There a tit. Everywhere a tit tit, because THAT’S HOW WINNING’S DONE.” The guide has an unquestionable success rate.

Seeing as how Charley doesn’t have the kind of tits most people want to see, he has used his wife’s ample bosom to aid him in conquering the Internet. With each, very brief, non-review Charley gives on Yelp, like “Big slab of prime rib with two sides,” he also provides a photo of his lady’s tits.


If Charley is going to become famous for this, his wife needs more low-cut tops.

[H/T A.Isaac]