Map Shows Which States People Want to Leave the Most


Every teenager has whined about where they live at least once in their life: “This place suckkkkkksssssss I can’t wait to get out of here!!!!!” It’s a fact of life, though, that you come to appreciate where you grew up the older you get, even if you’ve transplanted somewhere else. Gallup conducted a fascinating survey about whether or not residents of a certain state want to get the hell out of there. SPOILER ALERT: Ain’t no one leaving Texas, Oregon, and Maine. Also, turns out people want to get the hell out of the Northeast states that are cold, full of assholes who don’t know how to drive, and heavily taxed. Go figure…

Personally, I suggest you NYC hipsters complaining about high rent all move to Austin, Portland, or anywhere in Colorado so there’s room for the rest of us that actually like it here.



[H/T: Uproxx]

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