Weed-Infused Smoked Salmon Just Changed The Breakfast Game Forever

With the amount of new edibles hitting the market these days I can’t help but wonder if this wave of marijuana-related innovation isn’t similar to the ‘Land Rush of 1889’. In states where weed is legal it seems like every grower, seller, manufacturer, and distributor are capitalizing on the demand for quirky products that stand out in the market place. That said, this marijuana-infused smoked salmon is no gimmick. Weed-infused lox spread just might be the future of breakfast. I’ve yet to even sample the THC-infused smoked salmon and already I’m salivating over this video, and contemplating how I can incorporate weed lox into my future breakfast regiment.

So, how and why did they make (cold-smoked) weed-infused smoked salmon? Here’s the description from the YouTube video that kicked the project off:

Munchies and the High Holidays go hand in hand for us. While we’re not too religious, we take our food seriously. So when we heard Rosenberg’s Bagels in Denver was infusing their top notch smoked salmon with THC this 4/20, we paid them a visit to learn how you literally smoke salmon with cannabis. The result was delicious, high, and a twist on every Jew’s favorite fish that we’ll never forget! (And it worked).

HuffPo Weird News caught up with ‘The Smokers Club’ to discuss this project:

The smoked salmon in the video was for its creators’ (legal) consumption only. But the video does show you how to make your own. In the clip — produced by The Smokers Club — high-inducing THC was extracted from the marijuana plant with Everclear, and then most of the alcohol was burned off, leaving a cannabis oil tincture to be “cold-smoked” with the salmon, Nicky said.

He told HuffPost Weird News that weed infusions are the future of smoked fish, and we’re OK with that.

“One day, we’d love to move forward with other fish, like trout, cod or anything we work with, and sell it at dispensaries,” he said. “I love fish and I love the infusion, and I want to win a Cannabis Cup for something that’s not covered in chocolate.”

So marijuana-infused smoked salmon is the future of smoked fish? I’m not sure I buy that, as ‘smoked fish’ has probably been around since the time of cavemen. But I will concede that weed-infused smoked salmon could change the breakfast game in the foreseeable future. ‘Bagels and lox’ are one of those breakfast dishes that people feel so passionately about they actively seek it out, much like I do with biscuits and gravy. So I could actually see this going on to become the biggest item in the edible market.

If any of you bros reading this got to sample the 4/20 special from Rosenberg’s Bagels drop me a line in the comments down below and let me know how it tasted!