Want To Bang A Married Chick? Join Tinder Because Apparently A TON Of Them Are On There

According to new data from analysis firm GlobalWebIndex’s survey of 47,000 Tinder users, one third of the people who are on Tinder are married and the majority of those married folks are women. But men aren’t off the hook. We’re almost as bad.

Via Mirror:

Its research claimed more than half of all lecherous lady love-seekers were already in a relationship, with 40 percent of them married to their unlucky partner.

About a third of dirty dog blokes were in relationships, with just under a quarter locked in ’till death or divorce.

As someone who is married, this is…how do you say…CONCERNING. Not because people are cheating, but rather, the fact that they are all footloose and fancy free about it. Are these people too poor to join Ashley Madison or just too stupid to realize that they are on a public forum shopping their twats and cocks around to the hottest bidder? I don’t understand.

Infidelity isn’t a hot new craze or anything, I GET IT, but have some discretion for Christ’s sake.