Martin Shkreli Drops The Tweet Heat On Congress: Calls Them Idiots Online After Refusing To Testify In Person


Pharmadouchebroprick Martin Shkreli was dragged before the House Oversight Committee today to testify about his role in the ongoing price-gouging scandal in the pharmaceutical industry.

Shkreli refused to participate in the dog and pony show that are Oversight Committee hearings (remember their disastrous attempts to get to the bottom of the steroid scandal in baseball), invoking his Fifth Amendment right at every instance.

In the end, everyone made an ass of themselves.

Watch along at the stupidity of the entire exercise.

BOOM. Democracy. At. Work.

I mean, Congress can do something about pharmaceutical drug prices without having to grandstand about their moral superiority in front of the people involved.

I even have to side with Shkreli, who afterward tweeted that it was all a waste of time.

Honestly, I hate everything he does, but … good for him. They knew he wasn’t going to say a thing (dude is facing many criminal charges), and yet they brought him up there just so they could attempt to spank him and not, you know, spend their time working on any, any, any (I remind you, any) real reforms.

Don’t forget to vote for these people in 2016.

And if you’re wondering how we got to this point (or what a Shkreli is), because you’ve been delightfully ignoring this entire story, we’ve got you covered with this video.