‘You’re Goddamn Right We’re Getting Twelve’ — Bro Is REALLY Excited The McRib Is Back

So, yah, the McDonald’s McRib is back once again. It’s never a permanent fixture on the MacDeezy menu because Ronald only rolls out the McRib at times when pork is cheapest to purchase. Therefore people who are batshit crazy obsessed with the McRib often have to endure long stretches of life without their beloved McRib.

This isn’t exactly a healthy item on the McDonald’s menu, and when you order 12 of them at a time it only gets worse. That said, this bro’s enthusiasm (and increasing levels of insanity) sort of made me want to go out and try my first ever McRib:

Keep in mind that this is a sandwich that packs the following nutrition: Calories 450, Calories from Fat 216, Total Fat 24.0g, Saturated Fat 8.0g, Cholesterol 75mg, Sodium 890mg, Potassium 400mg, Total Carbohydrates 34.0g, Dietary Fiber 2.0g, Sugars 3.0g, Protein 24.0g.

Now when you got to the ~4:12 mark of this video and caught that he orders 12 at a time that’s a FUCK TON OF FAT AND SODIUM. But to each his own. If it’s his prerogative to eat 12 McRibs in one sitting then who am I to say anything against his wishes?!?

[YouTube / LtMkilla]