Think You’ll Meet Your Soul Mate At Wal-Mart? A Lot Of Americans Do

Craigslist “Missed Connections” is a feature of the popular online-listing site that allows you to post about an encounter you had with someone, in hopes the other person sees the missive, responds, and you two fall deeply in love. Like anything else on the internet, it’s mostly people looking to fuck. If you’ve never seen it, it certainly is fun to browse.

Attractive blonde (in her mid-50s) with her hair up, wearing “marine green” outfit and platform shoes that boarded the express train on Lex line at 86th Street (and I think got off at 59th Street) this morning (Friday). Message me (the classy man in the grey suit).


we were waiting for the F train and we were both rock hard, u saw my buldge and wanted to compare and 69 but train was coming. hmu i can host another huge one like me

Where do you think most of these brief, chance happenings occur? Public transportation? Crowded bars? The park?

Nope. They mostly happen at Wal-Mart. The (Wally Wally Wally Wally) Wal-Mart

Just look at this chart by Slate about the frequency of locations for Missed Connection posts in America.

Jeebus. How much of the middle of this country does nothing but go to work and shop at Wal-Mart. Looking for love. That’s fucking nuts. Granted, your average Wal-Mart is pretty fucking huge, but how many times have you been inside a Wal-Mart and seen a woman or man and thought, “I’d like to see that person again?”

Never? Less than never?

Middle America is weird.