Snoop Dogg Just Launched The ‘BuzzFeed For Weed’ Because He Loves Sticky Icky Content

When the sun sets on Calvin Broadus’ life I’m willing to wager that he’ll be recognized more for his contributions to the marijuana industry (both recreational and medical) than he will for his career as a rapper. If you’re under the age of 40-years-old then you’ve pretty much spent your entire life growing up with Snoop Dogg, and in that time we all witnessed him go from the best rapper to ever come out of Long Beach to perhaps the ‘Steve Jobs of Weed’. For years now Calvin Broadus (aka Snoop Dogg) has been tossing his considerable wealth into the weed game, helping to advance the massive marijuana industry on every front. Today he’s made another huge move with the announcement of ‘Merry Jane’, a cannabis-centric lifestyle website that’s basically aiming to be the ‘BuzzFeed for Weed’, or at least that’s what I’m calling it at the moment (also: I’m sure BuzzFeed wishes they were the BuzzFeed for weed, but they’re not).

TechCrunch announced Snoop’s new ‘Merry Jane’ in a post earlier, claiming the new marijuana lifestyle brand will have a hand in all things marijuana-content related, from information to funny videos, and everything in between. Now I’m not trying to start up any internet flame wars before Merry Jane even has a chance to gain a foothold, but below is TechCrunch’s description and I can’t help but wonder one thing: is this not EXACTLY what High Times (magazine and dotcom) has been doing for decades? And is Snoop Dogg not one of the biggest benefactors from High Times Magazine’s ‘Cannabis Cup’ each here, where Snoop performs and is able to stay in touch with his weed audience?

Anyways, here’s the TC blurb:

At its core, Merry Jane is a lifestyle media site with cannabis at the center. Loaded with both video content and editorial content, the site will serve as an information hub for everyone interested in pot, whether it be the n00b or the seasoned smoker.
While announcing Merry Jane on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, Snoop said that the site will provide users with “all they need to know” about pot, and be the encyclopedia of the cannabis world.
The site will have its own show series, each of which focusing on different aspects of pot as it relates to lifestyle.
This ranges from a cooking show, where folks can learn how to make amazing edibles (or food that pairs well with cannabis consumption), to ‘Deflowered’ (which is a show that focuses on peoples’ “first time” doing something), all the way to exclusive celebrity interviews. Snoop noted that the site will be enlisting celebrities that are “down with the team” including Seth Rogen and Miley Cyrus.

Here’s an example of original video from Merry Jane:

The Merry Jane YouTube channel is barely a week old (and only has 51 subscribers). So far there are only 2 videos on there, but I HOPE TO EVERYTHING HOLY that Snoop will have ZERO CONTROL WHATSOEVER of the YouTube channel, as I’ve had to unfollow him on Instagram because he posts nonsensical videos all day every day and I just couldn’t take that shit anymore.

The website is not up and running yet (to the public), as of now it’s jsut a landing page where you can go and sign up to be on their waiting list.

For more on what Merry Jane will be offering you can CLICK HERE to check out TechCrunch’s announcement!