You’re Microwaving Food Wrong

You know how you reheat up your leftover Pad Krapow Moo Saap and have to heat it on for four minutes because you have a shitty, outdated microwave? Then you singe your fingers taking out the plate that’s hotter than the white dwarf star in the Red Spider Nebula. You take a bite and the Thai food gives your tongue third-degree burns. Meanwhile, the food in the middle is colder than the look you get when your ex sees you with your new chick who is 12x’s hotter than she is. Well, here’s how to microwave your food properly.

Microwaves send radio waves from all sides to heat the food as opposed to conventional ovens where it comes from the top and bottom. Instead of heaping all of your food in a pile, space out your food in the shape of a donut with a circle in the middle of the plate or bowl and it will heat up much more evenly.

Hooray for lifehacks!!!