Women Our Age Don’t Want To Get Knocked Up Right Now, Which Is Good

Rejoice, Bro! Women do not want to have your baby!

And that’s not because you are an unpalatable, actually downright heinous, excuse for man, although you are. God, you are. No, it’s because millennial women don’t want to have babies, which means you can fuck with abandon and without worry, because not one girl you are going to get with wants to children these days.

(Please practice safe sex, it is the safest way to prevent babies.)

But it appears that women our age (let’s roughly say 19-32) are less interested in having babies than any women since the 1970s. Pretty neat for us, huh Bros? Era of free love my ass fuck you hippies we are the ones fucking without concerns and we don’t have to listen to stupid Jimmy Hendrix either. Hell, no. I wear a condom and fuck to Calvin Harris. Feel so close to you rn.

From The Washington Post:

Millennial women are the slowest to have kids of any generation in U.S. history.

Between 2007 and 2012—just before and right after the recession—birth rates among American women in their twenties declined by 15 percent, the report found.

Birth rates in the U.S. remained fairly stable from the eighties to the early aughts, [Nan Astone, senior fellow at the Urban Institute, who issued the report on recent birth rates] said, but began to dip by 2008—especially among women entering their prime childbearing years. By 2012, Millennials reproduced at a pace that would lead to 948 births per 1,000 women—“by far the slowest pace of any generation,” the report said.

(Note: That’s still almost one baby a woman, which is too many in my opinion.)

The reason for the dip? No one has any fucking money to have kids.

Financial hardship “causes young women who aren’t worried about the biological clock to say, ‘Things are tough right now. Let me put this off because I can,’” said Astone.


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