This Chrome Plugin Removes The Word ‘Millennial’ From The Internet And Replaces It With ‘Snake People’

Today is your lucky day because there’s a new Chrome plugin that entirely removes the word millennials from the Internet and replaces it with the phrase ‘snake people’ or ‘snake person’. Maybe you’re sick and tired of seeing the word ‘millennials‘ on the Internet because you hate being pandered to when websites constantly refer to you as a millennial in headlines, or maybe you just hate being categorized. Perhaps you’re tired of scrolling through Facebook and seeing tens of thousands of articles with the word ‘millennials’ in the headline because that’s what advertisers think the cool hepcats are clicking these days. Why you hate the word ‘millennials’ is inconsequential here, all that matters is that you’d rather not see the word millennials in headlines anymore.

By adding this new Chrome plugin ‘Millennials to Snake People’ here’s what you can expect to see when browsing through ye olde World Wide Web:

We here are BroBible are no strangers to using the word ‘millennials’ in headlines, and maybe you bros don’t want to read those headlines anymore. Just look at how much better our headlines become with the ‘Millennials to Snake People’ Chrome Plugin:

NOW is the time to free yourself from the shackles of seeing the word ‘millennials’ constantly on the Internet. You can download the Chrome Plugin ‘Millennials to Snake People’ by clicking here.

As a side note, I had installed the ‘Millennials to Snake People’ Chrome Extension while writing up this blog post, and it completely changed the copy in the article to remove the word millennials, as well as altering the file names of the images in this post. So upon completion I realized I had to go back and reinsert all of the images as well as delete the plugin and include the word ‘millennials’ again. So I can 100% vouch for the fact that the ‘Millennials to Snake People’ Chrome extension works.

Shout out to my good friend and BroBible reader Pkdub for tipping me off to the ‘Millennials to Snake People’ Chrome Plugin!