New Study Finds That Millennials Are Working Too Hard And Ruining Vacation For Everybody Else

All we’ve heard about millennials is how lazy they are. There is now a new study that says millennials are quite the opposite, and are hardworking individuals who even pass up vacations to show how dedicated they are. Who wouldya thunk!

A new report from Project: Time Off estimated that 55% of working Americans did not use all of their vacation days in 2015. Fucking suckers! That equates to 658 million days of unused paid time off. Can someone give me their vacation days? I could use a nice seaside holiday.

To get these results they conducted an online survey of 5,641 American workers from January 20 until February 16, 2016. The participants were all at least 18-years-old who work more than 35 hours a week and receive paid time off from their employer. The study was titled “The Work Martyr’s Cautionary Tale: How the Millennial Work Experience Will Define America’s Vacation Culture.”

They asked the interviewees if it is a good thing to be seen as a work martyr by the boss. A work martyr is a term for employees who don’t exhaust their vacation days because they want to impress their boss. A work martyr believes that it is difficult to take vacation because of the following reasons:

  • No one else can do the work at my company while I’m away
  • I want to show complete dedication to my company and job
  • I don’t want others to think I’m replaceable
  • I feel guilty using my paid time off

This dirty belief is also called as “vacation shame.”

When it came to the different generations, millennials were far more likely to be a work martyr. Only 32% of Baby Boomers considered themselves work martyrs, 39% of Gen Xers, and an astounding 48% of millennials believed it was beneficial to their careers to be a work martyr. When it came to being seen as a work martyr by their colleagues, 35% of millennials were dedicated to their jobs compared to 26% of those from Generation X and 20% of Boomers.

While this is seen as a positive from your dickwad boss, it can start a trend where people are looked down upon for taking their vacation that is guaranteed to them. Those who don’t skip entitled vacas might not get that promotion. This can start an unhealhty trend, and cause coworkers to hate your hardworking ways.

You don’t work enough you get labeled as lazy, you don’t take time off and you piss off your coworkers for brown-nosing. You can’t win for losing. Might as well just take the vacation.