Five People Busted For Recycling Scam Just Like On ‘Seinfeld’ But Kramer Never Would Have Made This Kind Of Cash

Seinfeld Recycling


As my buddy Kyle said went I sent him this story — “as seen on TV.” Except if you’re going to pull a scam for a ton of money, maybe model the heist off something on The Wire and not Seinfeld.

 Five people were part of a scheme that involved trucking more than 200 million cans and bottles from Arizona and illegally redeeming them at recycling centers in California for about $14 million in refunds, authorities said Thursday.

Wuht? Is that $14 million REAL DOLLARS?!? Kramer and Newman never imagined of making that much dough. Maybe that’s why they got pinched. Thinking too big! Also, Kramer and Newman was a two man operation. This scheme involved a crime syndicate peddling coke cans.

More than a dozen private recycling centers in Southern California also were implicated in the scheme because they accepted the Arizona cans and bottles, according to CalRecycle. While centers are responsible for determining containers’ origins, in this case they either were operated by or formed alliances with the fraud ring, CalRecycle said.

I can only hope the money was laundered through a dummy corporation named Kramerica.

[via Yahoo!]

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