Millionaire CEO Filmed Getting Arrested After Stealing Some Dude’s $800 Camera

There’s nothing more despicable than a thief lying straight to your face.

On Tuesday, June 21st, Youtuber DOSEofFOUSEY was traveling with his friends when one of them noticed that his $800 camera was missing. The summary associated with the video above claims that a kid on the plane witnessed a man steal the camera and notified Fousey.

When confronted, rather than return the camera like a decent human being, the thief claimed that he returned it to a stewardess. The Youtuber and his crew went to the stewardess who claimed that no one returned the camera. Luckily, Fousey and his crew were able to track down the thief who continued to act oblivious to the situation.

Joining the scumbag is his obnoxious girlfriend, who emphasizes multiple times that her bag is worth $2,000. Throughout the whole confrontation, the guy tries to escape by claiming that he is headed to a business meeting. Finally, after being confronted by the Police, the thief returns the camera and is arrested like the jackass he is.

What makes this story more interesting is the revelation that the thief was not your average Joe, but rather the millionaire CEO of Moji, an app that creates unique emoji keyboards based around celebrities. His name is Oliver Camilo, and his soul must have more holes than that disgusting hipster t-shirt he’s wearing in the video. This is a textbook example of someone being sorry only because he got caught.

Here he is, pictured on the right.

According to TMZ, Camilo side of the story frames himself as the victim.

“…he planned to turn in the camera to lost and found. He says he was shocked by how aggressive DoF [Dose of Fousey] was, and that’s why he didn’t want to hand it over right away. He actually thinks the whole thing was some weird YouTube video experiment.”


[h/t TMZ]