After A Year’s Wait, Minecraft’s New Completely Kickass Combat Update Is Here

The Minecraftin community has been waiting a year and then some for the 1.9 combat update patch to drop, and it’s finally hitting PC’s today. What are we looking at for gameplay changes though?

For starters, you’ll immediately notice a new offhand slot which allows for you to dual wield items — that sword/shield combo for instance — and perhaps even better, light up those damned dark mineshafts, while being able to forego the semi-infuriating, inefficient previous process that was switching back and forth incessantly between single items. So done with that, am I right?

You can also now use the offhand slot to select exactly what kind of arrow you want to send blazing to the sky, or a chosen target, instead of having the game select an arrow for you at random. Possibly the biggest change brought on by the combat update, is your character’s ability to effectively inflict damage. Now the damage you can unleash is directly hindered or bolstered by your cooldown–faster swing, more damage. In laymen’s terms, anyone out there trying to left spam click their way to glorious victory is shit outta’ luck for going forwards.

Outside in-game changes to combat, the update also re-worked the game’s final baus, ‘The Ender Dragon’, and gave the scaled behemoth new breath/explosive capabilities for an even more challenging, yet rewarding final showdown. What’s more the game’s creators tossed in a new dungeon with this update called ‘End City’ (really getting creative with the whole game-ending boss/dungeon names..) where you can find some rare loot.

Anyways, those are all the biggest updates, but the buck don’t stop there my dudes. Check out Mojang’s blog for a fully comprehensive rundown of all the changes with the 1.9 patch update for Minecraft.

[H/T: Kotaku]