These Are The Most Misspelled Words In Each State And South Dakota Should Be Very Ashamed

The 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee kicked off last Sunday and wraps up this coming Sunday, June 4th. The National Spelling Bee is one of the Summer Sports highlights each year. In recent years, ESPN’s figured this out and started throwing the Spelling Bee more coverage than ever so that folks like myself can watch as overzealous youths meltdown on TV after misspelling words that 99.999% of the adult population have never seen before.

To hype of this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee, the 90th annual competition, Google Trends released this graphic of the most misspelled words for each state in America:

New Mexico’s most misspelled word is confusing. Who the fuck can’t spell banannaananan? And North Carolina is sad given that N.C. is part of the Bible Belt. But South Dakota’s most misspelled word is deeply troubling…If you can’t spell the name of higher education institutions then you REALLY have no business attending, am I right? I mean, could you imagine getting into college without being able to spell the goddamn word?! I’m mind fucked by these results.

Now, let’s all enjoy the ‘Kabaragoya Kid’ before we head on out of here:

To see a high-def version of the map above you can CLICK HERE to head on over to SI’s Extra Mustard.

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