A List Of The Most Competitive Countries Came Out And America Should Be Ashamed Of Itself

A lot has changed across the world during my lifetime but few things have been as disturbing to me as the news that the United States of America is no longer the most competitive country on the planet. How are we ever supposed to make American great again if we’re not even #1 at trying to be #1? According to the 2015–2016 edition of the ‘The Global Competitiveness Report’, an annual report that’s put together by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and Columbia University professor Xavier Sala-i-Martin the United States ranks THIRD on the list of most competitive countries, and I’m ashamed at the lack of competition being displayed from my fellow countrymen.

Below I’ve included the top 15 ‘Most Competitive Countries in the World’, but before we get to that I just want you to let it sink in for a moment that both Switzerland and Singapore rank as being more competitive than the United States. I for one don’t want to live in a world where the United States isn’t #1 and trying to be #1, so we need to fix this shit RIGHT NOW. Look to your right or left and immediately challenge that person to an arm wrestling contest. Next time you carry groceries out of the car you sure as shit better carry every bag in ONE TRIP. If you find yourself walking somewhere with a friend at any point in the near future I want you to challenge that jabroni to a race. PICK IT THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!!

The 15 Most Competitive Countries In The World (2015-2016)

15. Taiwan
14. Qatar
13. Canada
12. Denmark
11. Norway
10. United Kingdom
9. Sweden
8. Finland
7. Hong Kong
6. Japan
5. Netherlands
4. Germany
3. United States
2. Singapore
1. Switzerland

Here’s a little info from the Global Competitiveness Report on how the countries where ranked:

The Global Competitiveness Index has served to assess country performance since 2004, a time frame that has seen great changes in the global economic landscape and seen also an exploration of new avenues in how we think about economic growth. In order to maintain our cutting-edge value, we need to take into account the latest ideas about competitiveness.
Chapter 1.2 of this Report therefore presents our current thinking about the drivers of competitiveness from a conceptual point of view and suggests a set of preliminary measurements toward an updated index. The chapter is the result of a multi-year research project of
the World Economic Forum.

CLICK HERE to read the full ‘Global Competitiveness Report’ PDF for methodology and the rankings of every country in the world!

And don’t let these guys down, do your part in helping America to once again be #1 at trying to be #1. Uncle Sam needs you.